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Palette, Nick Franck

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Sol Lewitt- The Fieldworker (1972)

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福田平八郎 漣 1932
FUKUDA Heihachiro

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This month I made patterns from Youtube videos of flying animals! I marked specific points on the wing throughout one wingbeat, and drew in curves that fit all 15 points in the wingbeat loop. 

You can check out the full sized GIF here or pick up a poster for your room here.

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The Manual for Civilization is a crowd-curated collection of the 3500 books you would most want to sustain or rebuild civilization. It is also the library at The Interval, with about 1000 books on shelves floor-to-ceiling throughout the space. We are about a third of the way done with compiling the list and acquiring selected the titles.

We have a set of four categories to guide selections:

  • Cultural Canon: Great works of literature, nonfiction, poetry, philosophy, etc
  • Mechanics of Civilization: Technical knowledge, to build and understand things
  • Rigorous Science Fiction: Speculative stories about potential futures
  • Long-term Thinking, Futurism, and relevant history (Books on how to think about the future that may include surveys of the past)

Our list comes from suggestions by Interval donors, Long Now members, and a some specially-invited guests with particular expertise. All the book lists we’ve published so far are shown here including lists from Brian EnoStewart BrandMaria Popova, andNeal Stephenson. Interval donors will be the first to get the full list when it is complete.

Today we add selections from science fiction authors Bruce SterlingDavid Brin, and Daniel Suarez. All three are known for using contemporary science and technology as a starting point from which to speculate on the future. And that type of practice is exactly why Science Fiction is one of our core categories….

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The curvature of curves.

  1. sin(x)
  2. exp(x)
  3. Normal distribution (y=exp(-x²/2))
  4. Ellipse
  5. r=5/2+cos(3τθ)
  6. x=(t-1)(t+1), y=t(t-1)(t+1)
  7. Archimedes’ Spiral
  8. Logarithmic spiral

If you want to try your own curve, try on Desmos graphing calculator!


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Surface Wave


Iris. Built with Processing. Code here.

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FKA twigs photographed by Sølve Sundsbø for V magazine (Issue 91) (#8)

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oblique strategies: brian eno’s prompts for overcoming creative blocks

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